Ecoforest Headquarters Project

  • Location: Vigo, Spain
  • Category: Water table
  • Model: 3 ecoGEO + HP
  • Power: 200 kW
  • Service: Heating, active cooling and ACS
  • Installer: Ecoforest technical team

In 2018 Ecoforest built a new headquarters to house new production chains, a larger laboratory, a showroom for our products and the expansion of office space to increase the number of jobs.

Of course, as it is our own headquarters, we wanted to place special emphasis on the air conditioning system to be used, integrating a large part of the technology that we ourselves manufacture within this building.

For this, the Ecoforest Technical Department collaborated with other companies in the sector such as “Inpoclima” or “Sogeman” for the complete installation of the system.

Main entrance of the Ecoforest Headquarters project


Ecoforest was founded in 1959 by José Carlos Alonso; His vision was to develop innovative products that are both economical and environmentally friendly, with the intention of making the world a better place.

Today, more than 50 years later, Ecoforest is the technological leader in the heating sector, with solutions based solely on clean and natural energy.

Thanks to the company’s national and international growth in recent years, Ecoforest has once again been forced to expand its facilities. This new building is an example of the integration of different technologies, sustainability and energy efficiency.

Installation Description

How could it be otherwise, the Ecoforest facility is very peculiar. We start with the capture system, the building’s own cistern is used as a capture system for the heat pumps.

The temperature of the cistern is around 15°C all year round.

On the other hand, the ecoSMART e-manager is also present in this installation for the joint work of the heat pumps through the photovoltaic surplus generated in the 80 kW of photovoltaic panels on the roof.

Finally, the installed power is a total of 200 kW through two ecoGEO HP3 25-100 kW heat pumps for the office and laboratory space. The factory is heated for free when there is a surplus in the photovoltaic panels.