Single-family home in Nigrán, Spain

  • Location: Nigrán, Spain
  • Category: Aerothermal
  • Power: 9kw
  • Model: 1x ecoGEO Compact 1-9kW
  • Service: Heating, cooling, ACS, pool and photovoltaic hybridization

In the town of Nigrán, very close to the Ecoforest headquarters, is this spectacular single-family home. The owner of this house wanted to have the latest technology in his home, for which he decided to use the combination of Ecoforest heat pumps, with the e-system energy manager and the use of photovoltaic panels. The objective was to reduce the electricity consumption of his home to a minimum and self-supply its climatic demands with green energy.

The company Inpoclima, a company with a long history in the air conditioning and plumbing sector, was in charge of the installation.

Spain: Single-family home in Nigrán

The installed heat pump model was an ecoGEO C4 HTR EH heat pump with a power of 1-9 kW. In combination with the heat pump, an e-system energy manager was installed with two battery modules for thermal and electrical storage of the energy surplus generated by this installation. Only a 90-meter well was used as a collection system, considerably lowering the initial investment and taking advantage of the control strategies of Ecoforest heat pumps that allow maximum use of the energy extracted from geothermal wells. The photovoltaic installation consists of 16 photovoltaic panels that represent a total of 4.8 kW installed.