Eimos Nursery School, Spain

  • Location: Mos, Spain
  • Category: Aerothermal
  • Power: 22 kW
  • Model: 1x ecoGEO B2 5-22kW EH + AU12
  • Service: Heating and ACS

The facilities will use renewable energy generation systems as well as passive architecture concepts, trying to adapt the design of the building to sustainability standards. The project aims to create a quality interior space in which students and teachers can develop and enjoy the learning process, a fundamental activity at such an early age.

The surface to be heated is 550 m2, with energy demands of 15 kW in heating, so with a demand of 27 W/m2, it is on track for future regulations.

The capture is carried out by means of an AU12 fan heater, which has been placed inside, avoiding visual impact, as well as maintenance costs.

The installed heat pump is an ecoGEO B2T 5-22 EH, capable of producing heating and domestic hot water at high temperatures. In addition, the equipment manages the control of legionella and the recirculation of ACS.

Spain: Eimos Nursery School